StuW is the Student Council of the Faculty of Sciences. We represent the students on both a faculty and university level. We do this by uniting the students who go to the meetings of one of the many counsils and commissions. Some examples are the Faculty Council, the Library Commission and the Commissions specific to each programme.

StuW has no real membership but is open to all students of the faculty of sciences. Most of the students who voluntarily go to the meetings of one of the above councils or commissions come to our meetings on a regular basis as well. Besides these students StuW consists of a president, vicepresident and a treasurer.

Questions and Ideas
StuW tries to help students with their questions by being easier to approach than the university officials. You can ask us pratical questions or pitch us suggestions on how to improve the student's life at the faculty of sciences. If we can't help you we can probably direct your question or suggestion to the appropriate people.

You can reach us via the contact form on this website, on our facebook page, by sending us an email at stuw@ugent.be or by coming to one of our meetings.